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Advanced Custom Uniforms

Your Price: Prices vary on level of customization. Please e-mail with questions.

Item Number: 1422
Advanced Custom Uniforms (ADV)

Your team is unique... make sure your uniform is unique too! Soccersaurus is teaming up with one of the leading U.S. sports uniform manufactures to offer you customize uniforms for your team. ADV is all inclusive including uploaded grahics, names and numbers.

Why is Advanced (ADV) Custom Uniforms Different?

* Inked dyed right into the fabric
* No peeling or cracking
* Lightweight
* No heavy numbering or lettering
* Technology advanced
* Ultra-fast custom processes

ADV uniforms are available for soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, hockey, and volleyball. Just because our site is primarily soccer, it doesn't mean that we're unable to assist you with your other sports' needs.

Best of all, players and coaches can design their own ADV uniform online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's easy by following the below listed steps:

1. Click on the below link to access the ADV site.
2. The player or coach designs their uniform and saves it.
3. A retrieval code is generated and this must be e-mail to

To access the the ADV site, click on: