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Coachism T-Shirt

List Price: $22.95
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Coachism T-Shirt

Preshrunk 100% cotton 6.1 ounce fabric that gives our T-shirts a rugged and durable feel. Our shirts look and feel great washing after washing.
Front read:  If I get too hoarse from yellint-just read the back of my shirt!
Back reads:  We have our cut out for us. / First touch! You've gotta practice. / You've got to want it! Way to go! / Great job! We'll get 'em next time. / Listen up! We can beat this team. / Offsides offsides! Let's go, let's go! / Let's show some hustle! Nice pass! / Keep your head in the game! Help! / Concentrate! Don't let 'em past you. / Go go go! Come prepared to win. / Don't back down! Look downfield! / Let's play some defense! C'mon Ref! / One game at a time. Stay focused! / Play like you mean it! Creat space! / Cross now! Just do the best you can! / Play as a team! Don't stand around! / Let's see some teamwork out there! / Run! Remember what we practiced! / There is no "I" in "TEAM". Attack! / I like what I'm seeing out there!

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