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Funnet Goal 6ft x 8ft

Your Price: $200.00

Item Number: 1149982
Funnet Goal 6ft x 8ft

FUNNETS aremade of a unique blend of materials designed specificallyfor outdoor use. Our heavy body construction is UV treatedand is unbreakable. We know you have seen theimitation PVCplastic goals which are made of tubing designed for plumbing applications.These imitation goals have a very low impact resistance whichcan cause the piping to break and expose sharp edges. Our 5year unlimited warranty is the best in the industry.

Sportstuff™ rod Our engineers searched for the perfect blend of flex/ strength ratio. The result was the Sportstuff™ rod. A safe, unbreakable rod with UV stabilizers, that lasts a lifetime!

Funnets™ FIttings The Funnet™ fitting is molded out of ABS plastic with UV stabilizer for long life and strength. The fittings are longer for a more secure fit. Each fitting has set screws which allow the fitting to be tightened securely to the rod.

Size: 6'H x 8'L
• Shipping weight: 22 lbs.
• Includes one goal and net

Buy more than one funnet and automatically receive $15 off each goal.