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Speed Chute

List Price: $60.95
Your Price: From $50.79 to $67.91

Speed Chute

A great way to improve your sprint speed, explosiveness, acceleration and lower body strength.

Adjustable waistband with storage pockets (fits 20" to 42" waist).
Quick-release strap provides easy release.

Made from rip-stop nylon fabric.
4 Shroud lines to minimize tangles.

Available in four different sizes:
15 lbs for people under 170 lbs chute size 40" x 40" $50.79
20 lbs for people 170-210 lbs chute size 48" x 48" $52.76
30 lbs for people over 210 lbs chute size 56" x 56" $54.33
50 lbs for people over 210 lbs chute size 90"D x 144"ARC $67.91